The poison pills contained in Prop 64

The poison pills contained in Prop 64 would be funny if they weren’t so dangerous.

The industry promised driving under the influence of marijuana would still be illegal but they are writing legislation as fast as they can to make sure it is as difficult as possible to hold drivers under the influence of marijuana accountable fighting every standard for testing. 

The industry promised legal products would be safe products because they would be tested.  The UC Davis research that tested 20/20 marijuana dispensary samples and found all to be contaminated is evidence for their users except as potential revenue sources. 

Despite promises that legalizing marijuana would kill the black market and tax revenues would fill state and local coffers. The black market is thriving, and the promised taxes are not being seen. The industry’s solution: they’re about to pass a bill to reduced excise tax on marijuana products from 15% to 11% and suspend the tax on marijuana cultivation (until Jun 1, 2021).  This should only come as a surprise to people who failed to read the text of Prop 64 where it says tax can be cut all the way to zero to ensure the industry is thriving.

Industry propaganda promised marijuana would be the remedy to the Rx drug epidemic, but Colorado’s record opioid epidemic is evidence that was another baseless and foolish promise.  Research now shows marijuana users are more, not less. likely to use Rx drugs. 

SD City officials bought the industry’s idea to allow them a complete supply chain to protect their competitive edge and keep revenues in the city.  

The industry built in Special Event permits in Prop 64 to turn formerly family-friendly county fairs into weed celebrations.  Though the state granted 48 event permits, all but one city wisely withdrew the welcome mat to the industry refusing to grant the required local permit. 

Our elected officials bought into the promises of the industry that defied logic and called into question their ability to lead.  They dismissed public concern out of hand, even belittling those who opposed their legalization scheme to generate revenue.

Like our politicians, the Union-Tribune says the goal is a ‘thriving’ pot industry in CA.  But by definition, that means more users, many likely youths, and more adults developing problematic use.  The general public would scoff at government supporting a ‘thriving’ tobacco industry or a pharmaceutical industry in the midst of our opioid epidemic.

Government leadership should not be engaged in growing businesses that increase potentially self-destructive behaviors, undermine community friendly businesses, churches, youth-serving organizations, and are environmentally destructive. Excise taxes on alcohol, tobacco, and now MJ was a way for the government to benefit from addiction while curbing excess. It can be a tool to limit access and commercial marketing that tries to message the benefits without acknowledging the potential risks.