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Thanks to all of you for your support in defeating Marijuana Legalization in the November 2015 election.

Photo by TraceRouda/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by TraceRouda/iStock / Getty Images

Ohio House and Senate to take a look at Medical Marijuana

Although Ohio voters convincingly defeated the legalization of marijuana in the November 2015 election, the Ohio legislature has taken up efforts to review the issue in both chambers.  The approach in the Ohio Senate is to hold a listening tour at 3 separate locations in Ohio : Cleveland on Jan 28th, Cincinnati on February 4th, and Toledo on February 11th. 

The Ohio House will be holding sessions on Thursday afternoons or evenings each week at the Statehouse starting February 11th and going until the end of March.

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CALM Ohio Statement on Medical Marijuana

Photo by Siri Stafford/DigitalVision / Getty Images
Photo by Siri Stafford/DigitalVision / Getty Images

The Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana (CALM) Ohio Chapter is in favor of continued research, consideration, and study in the use of Marijuana for medical purposes as is any other potential medicine, under the standards of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This will ensure that it is both safe and effective and proper dosages are applied to the sickness being treated.

Marijuana as medicine is available today and has been since the mid 1980’s in pill form through doctors in the form of Marinol and now in generic form as Dronabinol. In addition, there are currently 8 studies in progress that are testing the safe and effective use of a medicine called Epidolex which is a cannabis-based medicine for the treatment of epilepsy in children.

The FDA process is the method we should continue to use to approve medicines and ensure their safe and effective use. Legalizing marijuana for medical use should not be decided by legislative or voter initiative.”

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