White House: Feds will step up marijuana law enforcement

CALM is encouraged by the announcement by Sean Spicer that the new administration is going to take a look at the issues related to marijuana use in America. We are also encouraged by their apparent recognition that the blossoming opioid addiction crisis and drug use at large has a connection to the expansion of marijuana use.
Although we do have serious concern for those with terminal diseases using marijuana, we think this use, like the use of all drugs, should be under the supervision of a qualified doctor (not a bud tender). What we have seen is all types of marijuana and marijuana use being described as "medicinal" in order to rationalize drug dealing, marijuana commercialization and expanded marijuana use. Marijuana continues to be a serious, addictive, psychoactive drug impacting the brain and body in very negative ways and much more needs to be done to educate on the harms and discourage use.

Enforcement against commercial marijuana operations would send an important message that drug dealing and use is not acceptable. Much of the public is misinformed on marijuana. Hopefully this can also lead to a broader discussion of the harms of marijuana as shown in scientific studies.