Prop 64 Wins - Public Health, Safety and California Kids Lose

We are disappointed and saddened to lose the election because of what this means for the future of California, its citizens and its children. Our exit polling indicates voters didn’t know that Prop 64 allows every residence to become a grow site nor did they understand the advertising and commercialization that legalization creates.

It is clear that California is no longer the Golden state. California is 10th worst in the nation in education and for children’s well being. With 12% of the nation’s population California delivers 33% of the nation’s welfare. None of these issues will be improved with more pot commercialization and use.

“This is the worst possible message we could send to our citizens, children and other states,” warns Scott Chipman, Southern California Chair of CALM. “For at least a generation California like Colorado will be burdening their communities and children with the scourge that is marijuana. The negative impacts of legalization and commercialization will be regular headlines in the news and in the lives of Californians.” This was not a grass roots effort. This issue would never have made the ballot if not for 2 billionaires. The negative impacts will be counted to Sean Parker, George Soros, Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris, and Gerry Brown (who remained silent) among others. We will continue to document the harms, injuries and victims and lay them at the feet of these politicians and broadcast them to the public.

Carla Lowe, Founder and Northern California chair indicates, “We now urge the people of CA who voted to oppose legalization and who see the negative impacts to continue to call on the federal government to enforce the controlled Substance Act against commercial marijuana operations, trafficking, advertising and sales. We also urge every jurisdiction, city, county, community to enact land use policies that will block marijuana drug dealers from setting up shop in their communities and to create fines and penalties that will help pay for the enforcement necessary to stop this insidious public health and safety plague.”

CALM will be providing suggested language for local land use controls. We will also establish a victims website to collect examples of the harms and injuries as well as register potential litigants.