Colorado: The Terrible Warning

Colorado was to be the beacon, the proud example, the city on the hill for the pro-pot movement. It would stand as a testament to the rest of the country of the wonderful merits of legalizing pot. 

Instead, Colorado serves as a warning to all other states that flirt with the idea of legalizing pot. Thanks to the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area group, we can see with hard data of the actual cost of Colorado's experiment with pot. It confirms what we at CALMusa already knew would happen: teen use has exploded, making Colorado number one in the nation for teen marijuana use.

This is a broken promise of the pro-pot lobby, who have stated again and again that teen use would stay stable and/or drop. Following close behind are the other states that have also legalized pot, all vying for the top pot spot. You can read more of the RMHTDTA report here.