You no doubt have seen reports of marijuana legalization in several US states. Over a decade ago, drug legalizers created a strategy to legalize marijuana by first; getting it identified as medicine, getting it normalized in society, and then getting it legalized for “recreational” use. Only a few of us were aware of that strategy then, but we all have seen this strategy played out in recent years.

Legalizing marijuana would be a serious mistake. Right now less than 5% of Americans live in a state that has legalized pot. If California were to fall that number would jump to 18%. The damage to our society from “Big Tobacco” would pale in comparison to what would happen with a “Big Marijuana” industry that is already primed to act. If you are not sure why marijuana should be illegal please check our website at or contact us at:

If you don’t want America to continue down the devastating path of legalizing marijuana and drugs please fill out the following questionnaire and help us.

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